The Creative Corner: Team DiSC Graph

The Creative Corner:  Team DiSC Graph

We use the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment tool in the Personify Leadership program.  We use this in our Voice and Ears modules where we teach leaders new skills in effective communication.  We love this tool and how it identifies what our behavior preferences are — and the behavior preferences of our team members as well.

Team DiSC Graph

Recently we visited one of our clients who has had several of their team members go through the Personify Leadership program.  We LOVED what they had done with their DiSC results when they returned to the office.  They made a wall hanging of the DiSC grid, then had team members put their pictures on the grid where they ‘dotted out’ on the assessment.  Individuals could choose to use a photo of themselves or create a cartoon Avatar that looked like them to place on the grid.

The graph is displayed prominently in the office as a constant reminder of the learning they had in the program.  We all like to receive information differently, and that as leaders we sometimes need to change our communication style to meet the needs of others from time to time.  This graph is a wonderfully creative idea that team members can utilize for weeks and months to come.  Bravo!

Team DiSC Graph

Here are some things I love about this, and how you can apply this concept to your team:

  1. Anchor Tools:  

Anchor Tools are creative ways to anchor the learning in a training back to the real world.  This organization found additional ways to extend the life of their learning beyond our two-day program.  This visual tool will anchor them back to the skills they learned in the training that will help them communicate better with one another long term. (What Anchor Tools can you use?)

  1. Public Display:

As humans, we can only absorb so much information in a short period of time.  Memorizing the entire team’s DiSC styles would be impossible.  By displaying these results publicly, individuals can quickly check the DiSC grid to recall the style of a team member before a meeting or conversation.   (Do you have a Team Board or a visual reminder for team members to reference?)

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of The Creative Corner!  Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for future articles.

~ Michelle Cummings, CEO of Personify Leadership

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