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Leaders are not built in a day, and neither was Personify Leadership . Partners Angela Sebaly and Michelle Cummings were first introduced in 2006, when Angela was leading a high-end leadership development program for a major corporation and wanted to add something extra to her curriculum. She hired Michelle of Training Wheels to deliver hands-on, experiential activities to bring the lessons to life. They quickly realized that Angela’s extensive research and practical application, combined with Michelle’s experiential expertise, gave their program a unique edge that made for greater engagement, understanding, and retention.

Angela eventually moved on to launch Invested Leadership in 2009, while Michelle continued to publish books and present her new activities to a global audience of facilitators and trainers. Michelle continued to collaborate with Angela to deliver training programs for various groups, and they enjoyed working together and developing their curriculum whenever it was possible.

Naturally, the concept of Personify Leadership occurred during an experiential leadership program, where Michelle and Angela were co-leading a leadership hike for a team in Jackson Hole, WY. Their conversation quickly turned into a full two-day curriculum, which was piloted with a number of Fortune 500 companies in 2012. They realized that they had something special, and decided to launch Personify Leadership as it is known today.  They grew the company together for ten years and Angela stepped down as CEO in August of 2022.  Michelle and her team continue to build and grow Personify Leadership programs and leaders today.

The leaders are the heart of Personify Leadership. Read more about Michelle Cummings, and read more about Angela Sebaly.

Our Leaders

The leaders are the heart of Personify Leadership.

Michelle Cummings
Michelle Cummings
Co-Founder, CEO & Chief Creative Officer
Angela Sebaly
Angela Sebaly

What others say about us

I have to say WOW! Angela is a deeply committed, compassionate individual who I am impressed with every time we interact.
John DeeChairman at Global Energy Options Holding S.A.
In the 10 years I have been teaching leadership at United Airlines, the Personify Leadership class is by far the best class we offer, it is so well rounded. Our participants are so engaged, they love it. It is spreading like wildfire and we can hardly keep up with the demand. I would highly recommend the Personify Leadership course. We offer this class to all levels of leadership, from the top down and leaders at all levels tell us how applicable the content is. I cannot say it enough, we love Personify Leadership.
Mary StopperUnited Airlines

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