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At the heart of every high-performing organization is a strong leader – someone who drives the vision, creates the company culture and knows how to call the shots in a time of crisis. Wouldn’t it be great if every company had multiple leaders like that?

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For Leaders

Leadership is not reserved for an elite few. It is something that we all have within us. You don’t learn to be something you already are – you learn to access the talent you already have.

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The Program

Personify Leadership is designed to be easy to apply and retain. That’s why we created the body part model, broken down into eight specific categories. Each individual category, or body part, is directly related to a leadership skill or competency.

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Train the Trainer

Help others achieve their best, lead a fun, highly interactive, and comprehensive leadership development program for your organization!

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Meet the team

The leaders are the heart of Personify Leadership.

Michelle Cummings is our CEO and Chief Creative Officer as well as one of the co-founders and co-creator of the Personify Leadership course. Paul is our Chief Operations Officer and our behind-the-scenes hero  Together they are the heart, mind, voice, ears, hands, feet, spine and eyes of Personify Leadership.

Michelle Cummings
Michelle Cummings
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Paul Cummings
Paul Cummings
Chief Operations Officer

Our Clients

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Strong leadership is not reserved for an elite few.

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