Train the Trainer

A Fun, Highly-Interactive Leadership Development Program

Train the Trainer

Would you like to lead a fun, highly interactive, and comprehensive leadership development program for your organization? Are you someone who genuinely cares about helping others achieve their best? Does your organization need leadership training on a large scale? If so, we invite you to consider certification in Personify Leadership.

Personify Leadership is a two-day comprehensive leadership development program. In addition to our standard two-day curriculum, our Train the Trainer program involves two additional days for trainers to learn the how-tos of successfully delivering this program to their customers and organization.

This program is based on years of research from professors, neuroscientists, theorists, and practitioners alike, and is consolidated into an easy-to-understand, usable format for adult learners. We know that there are plenty of great workshops out there on leadership, but a few key factors lead us to believe that we are different:

Train the Trainer for Internal Organizations

We do offer certification in the course, so you can deliver the course internally.  That way you can train on your schedule.  You would purchase one Participant Kit for each person you deliver the training to.

Train the Trainer for External Consultants

We do offer certification in the course, so you can deliver the course out to your client base.  Once you are certified, we do not regulate what you charge for your facilitation fees, nor do we take a cut.  The only thing we require is that you purchase one Participant Kit for each person you deliver the training to.

Once you are certified, we have a robust support program in place to help you learn the program.  You need to know up front that there is A LOT of content to learn, and it is an investment of your time.  Here are some of the ongoing support systems we have in place for you:

    • Monthly T3 Support Sessions

      We host a virtual T3 Support Session on the first Monday of every month.  (If the first Monday falls on a holiday, then it will be the second Monday.)


    • Learning Management System – LMS

      Our LMS houses all of the materials you need to be successful in delivering this course.  From ‘how-to’ videos for the experiential activities, to the ideas for micro-learning post-program to help keep the learning alive.


    • Can we teach the course modularly?

      Technically, yes, however we don’t recommend it.  We have had a few organizations teach it modularly, and they reported that it didn’t have the same effect.  If you do need to break it down due to time constraints, then we recommend at least teaching two modules together, so they would be in 4-hour blocks.  Heart & Mind together, Voice & Ears together, Hands & Feet together, then finish up with Spine & Eyes.  The modules build off of one another, so we definitely recommend teaching it in the intended order as it’s designed.  We realize that pulling leaders from their regular jobs for two full days is difficult, however you’ll get the biggest return on your investment if you do.


    • Network of Expertise

      Our trainers are some of the best in the world at their craft of delivering training and developing leaders. When you train with us, you will be exposed to a myriad of best practices, information, resources, and talent!


    • Cost Savings

      Unlike other programs where you simply learn new skills, you will actually walk away with the ability and resources to teach what you just learned. Upon returning to your organization, there is no limit as to how often you can deliver this workshop to your leaders. Moving forward, you will need to purchase one set of Participant Materials for each person you deliver the training to. Materials start at $298 per person and decrease in price based on volume.


  • Investment:

    Certification is $5500. This includes a large trainer kit full of all the materials you would need to facilitate the course, a Facilitator Guide, and 4 days of training. It also includes your personal Participant Materials for the first two days of the training, which include a Participant Workbook, Job aids, a DiSC report, subscription to our LMS, and our mobile coaching tools.

    When you register at the $5500 price, it includes your first 10 Participant kits (valued at $298 each) if you deliver the program within the first six months after you receive your training.  If you don’t deliver in the first six months post-training, you lose these kits.  The intent of this is to get you delivering as soon as possible, and as close to your original training.  The further away you get from the training, the more the content will fall out of your brain.  The quicker you can get a training scheduled, the more successful you will be, and the more confident you will be in delivering such a robust program.

  • The Friends & Family term is used so you can schedule a more ‘safe’  session for your first time delivering on your own.  Communicate with them up front that this is your first time, and you are practicing getting all the words out of your mouth.  It will be a little choppy in places, and that is OK.  Nobody is perfect the first time they try something new!


  • Accountability Partner

    You will be assigned an Accountability Partner during the T3 training.  This will be someone that went through the training the same time you did, and the intent of this relationship is for you to practice delivering the modules to one another once a week, or every other week, until you have delivered all 8 of the modules.  these can be done virtually or in person.  Our most successful facilitator scheduled these once a week for the first 8 weeks post-training.  Learning this program is an investment of your time.


  • T3 Coaching Support

If you feel you need additional one-on-one coaching from one of our Master Trainers, we can provide this for an additional cost.  This can look anything from having one of our Master Facilitators co-facilitate your first class with you to virtual coaching sessions where you would teach-back one of the modules to one of our team members.  You have options, and we will find a tailored solution that best fits your needs.


  • Retaining your certification:
  • We do require that you teach the course at least once every 24 months, or either attend 4 of our 12 Monthly T3 Support Sessions annually or spend at least 2 hours per quarter in the LMS.


  • Digital Badging:
  • We utilize Credly for our digital badging.  You will receive a digital badge after you are certified that you can share on your social media pages and list on your website.

We host several certifications in various cities in the United States and abroad.

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