Michelle Cummings has a way about her that pulls you in and props you up. No matter the audience, her refreshing authenticity and enthusiasm is what makes her relatable, and her passion for helping leaders get results an asset.

Here are a list of topics Michelle commonly speaks on:

Leadership and Emotional Resiliency

Emotional resiliency is the ability to adapt to stressful relationships and situations as we encounter them in our day-to-day.  There has definitely not been a shortage of stress the last few years.  Stress affects each of us differently, and the right amount of the right kind of stress is actually a good thing.  In this highly interactive session, Michelle will discuss stress triggers, our own unique biofeedback & behaviors, and how they affect our ability to lead.  she will also discuss concepts around Locus of Control and how to train our brains to focus on things that are within our control.

Creating a Culture of Accountability and Why Mirror Neurons are Important in Leadership

Accountability and Mirror Neurons go hand-in-hand, but do you know why?  Accountable leaders know how to walk their talk and create a strong culture of accountability within their teams.  Mirror neurons are brain cells that code the actions of other people and also our own actions, so our brains are wired to mirror the behaviors we see in others.  When people at every level of the organization are personally committed to achieving key results targeted by the team or organization, magic can happen.

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