Angela has a way about her that pulls you in and props you up. No matter the audience, her refreshing authenticity and candor is what makes her relatable and her passion for helping leaders get results an asset.

Here are a list of topics Angela commonly speaks on from her book, “The Courageous Leader: How to Face any Challenge and Lead Your Team to Success.”

The Big Temptation

When something goes wrong and we turn the other way or rationalize it won’t matter in six months, we are giving into the Big Temptation to just do nothing. When we give in to the temptation we can expect one of two outcomes with regard to pain. We avoid pain, create more pain for ourselves and others and then avoid pain again. Or we avoid pain, suppress our pain and avoid pain some more.

The Feedback Trifecta

The skills needed to give feedback are underdeveloped, leaders responsible for delivering the feedback lack the courage to do it, and the typical workplace environment unknowingly and sometimes knowingly promotes avoiding honest and open communication.

When Life Kicks Us Out

“When we stay too long in the wrong place, waiting, unwilling to budge, stuck in our old routines, life will make an effort to kick us out. We feel that first kick like a small twinge of pain, but after a while it grows and intensifies. This pain is often an indicator that it’s time to make a shift, a signal that it’s time to create change. We are all capable of mind blowing, really cool stuff if we can heed this warning that it’s time to move on and embrace the change that will follow.”

The Humbling Experience

Any time we are arrogant the humbling experience will find us. The humbling experience is the opportunity to practice humility and usually shows up in our lives in painful ways.

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