The Ears of a Leader

Would you like to be a leader who truly listens to others?

The Ears of a Leader

Strong communication skills are crucial for any great leader, but if you are not listening to those around you, you are missing half of what it takes to be effective. This competency focuses on developing this skill, providing you with a road map and arming you with tools to become a more effective listener.

In conjunction with the Voice of a Leader, we will explore the DiSC behavioral assessment and how your observations of others’ styles can assist you in becoming a more effective communicator. We will also discuss the Five Levels of Listening, and will learn how to Clarify and Confirm the message that you have heard.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • • Adapt your DiSC behavior and communication to people with other styles
  • • Demonstrate an understanding of the Six Interruptions to Listening
  • • Practice Clarifying and Confirming listening skills to ensure that the message that you heard was received as intended