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8 Core Body-Focused Competencies

Our Core Program

Personify Leadership is a global experiential-based leadership development company that provides comprehensive development for leaders. All programs are derived from our eight-core body-focused competency model. We believe that all leaders are born with the capacity to access these competencies within them through a five-method approach that includes, experiential activities, personal reflection, case studies, group discussion and video demonstration. We teach leaders to Personify Leadership.

Personify Leadership Core Program is an engaging two-day, highly interactive program that provides comprehensive development for leaders. It is designed to be easy to apply and retain, and we wanted this to be reflected in our overall model. That’s why we created the body part model, broken down into 8 specific categories. Each individual category, or body part, is directly related to a leadership skill or competency. The training deconstructs each core competency, focusing on practical skills that you can apply immediately.

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The learning objectives for each competency, or body part, are as follows:

What sets Personify Leadership apart from our competitors?


5 Methods of Learning: Experiential Activities, Video Demonstration, Group Discussion, Personal Reflection, and Case Studies.

  • We use five methods of learning in each one of our modules. This intentional design helps keep leaders consistently and actively engaged in the training.  It is definitely NOT death by Powerpoint.  The Experiential Activities is really what sets our program apart from the other great leadership programs that are out in the market.  When someone is actively engaged in their learning, they will retain it better than just sitting and listening.  From an ROI perspective, that’s the whole goal of putting someone through training.  We want to get a return on not only the financial investment of the training, but we also want participants to apply what they are learning.

ROI – Return On Investment

  • We have had several companies do ROI studies on our program. We had one organization that found a 204% return on investment!  We can share this study with you.  They did a Level 3 study to determine whether their leaders applied what they learned in the training.  They loaded all costs into the study, from what each participant was paid for the two days, to the venue and food costs, to the participant materials and more.  They surveyed the participants before and after the training, and then again 90-days post-program, and they were able to show a 204% return on their investment.
  • If you are interested in doing an ROI study for your organization, we have a certified ROI specialist on our team. We can set up a call with him to determine what you want to measure, and then we can determine the costs that would go into the study from there.  We can measure anything from employee engagement, application of the skills learned, attrition rates, and many other options.
  • One of our international clients intentionally implemented our program to see if it would have an impact on their attrition rate. Before implementing our Core Program, they had an 11.2% attrition rate annually.  After deploying our program to 25% of their organization, they reduced their attrition rate to 8.5% in 18 months.  Our program wasn’t the only contributing factor to this number, but they attribute a high percentage of it to our program.  As you know, it’s expensive for any organization to lose its talent and then hire new people.  This organization more than paid for what it cost to deliver our program by retaining its talent and decreasing its attrition rate.

We cover leadership across multiple angles, packaged into one program.

  • Our program is a comprehensive curriculum with 8 core skills. We cover leadership from multiple angles because being a good leader requires being skilled in many areas.  There’s not any one particular competency that is more important than the other. They are all necessary to embody when you are leading. The question is, “What is the most important competency to use at the time?” And given the situation and the scenario, there might be a competency or a skill at that point that might be more relevant or more important. However, in order to lead effectively, all of these competencies and skills are essential. So in our program, we look at eight competencies and how they apply to leadership,

The simplicity of the model itself.

  • It’s easy to remember, and we carry the model around with us, literally, every day. It’s easy to apply.  We don’t have multiple 3-letter acronyms for people to remember.  The body parts metaphorically relate to the different competencies, making it easy to remember.

This is not your “death by PowerPoint” training! We believe that every participant who goes through the Personify Leadership program should have the opportunity to connect with the concepts in a way that aligns with their learning style.  Furthermore, you will notice another core belief that we share – that our participants learn best when they are having fun!


How is the program delivered?

It’s designed as a two-day, in-person training, and each of the 8 modules is about 2 hours in length.  We focus on 4 competencies on day one and then the other 4 competencies on day two.


We teach 3-4 skills in each module that focuses on one specific competency.  Each one of the modules starts out with an experiential activity that surfaces the behavior naturally, and then we go into the classroom and teach leaders how to manage that behavior, either in themselves or in the people that they lead.  The experiential activity allows us to ‘catch them in their own behavior’, which makes them lean into the learning in a different way.



Do you offer Virtual Training?

We have a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides some level of virtual training.  Currently, our program starts with the 2-day in-person intensive, then the virtual learning component begins after that.


We will likely have more virtual training options later this year.  We recognize this is an expected form of training in today’s day and age; however, our niche in the market and the experiential nature of the program make our training so successful.  When leaders experience their learning to their core, it has a profound impact.

For Leaders

If you are reading this information on the Personify Leadership website, you deserve a big high five! It means that you are eager to develop your own leadership skills and those of the leaders within your organization. We applaud your inquiry and effort to find the right program for you.

At Personify Leadership, we have worked with thousands of leaders over the course of the last fifteen years, and we know a thing or two about what works well. Our team genuinely cares about helping leaders experience more effective, fulfilling, and rewarding career growth. We know that leadership is a big job, and not everyone is up for it. We designed Personify Leadership as a way to transfer our most effective leadership tools and techniques to those most interested in growing and learning. Our methods are easy-to-understand, engaging, immediately applicable, and fun!

What you can expect

During the two days with our expert facilitator, you will have a chance to meet and learn from other leaders, sharing experiences, ideas, and insight. You will be exposed to groundbreaking research in the field of leadership development and will have the opportunity to apply those concepts to current, relevant scenarios. You won’t sit long because our training is interactive and experiential. You will practice your new skills with other leaders in a safe environment – one where there is no wrong answer and where questions are encouraged. Before you know it, your day will be over, and you’ll be wondering where all the time went!

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