The Messiness and Order of Creating New Programs

I have spent the last several months designing a new program for Personify Leadership. It’s the Deep Dive program that leaders can take after they have completed our Core Program. When we designed Core, it took a full year of designing and tweaking, and we still make small changes here and there to keep the content current and relevant. I facilitated the pilot for Deep Dive last week, and I’m so excited for this new program to come to fruition. I have felt ALL the feels over the last several weeks: exhausted, overwhelmed, elated, frustrated, hopeful, sad, overjoyed, creative, hysterical, spent and relieved. Now that the pilot is complete, it’s still all of those things, but with a sense of calm and peace that is palpable. I know this program is going to change lives.

A great metaphor that really sums up the last few months is this: You know when you decide to clean out a closet that is crammed with all the things you think you need? You first have to destroy it and pull everything out to get it organized. You know there’s good stuff in there, but you have to examine all the pieces to determine what stays and what goes. Then you put everything back in juuuuust the right places and you are thrilled with the result. That’s where I’m at now. I’m tired, and emotionally spent, but absolutely thrilled with the result. There’s still a LOT of work to do, but the roadmap has been set!

A HUGE shout out to my Personify team and trusted colleagues for their investment of time, effort, energy and support. This is a true collaboration of some the best humans I know. Gerry SingletonKristin SaladaLinda WilliamsDavid McMurray, Zachary Singleton, Paul CummingsJaneen McDonaldSara PageJohn Dee and Roxanne Esquibel. And an honorable mention to my Training Wheels team for being patient with me and understanding when my time and energy has been devoted other places. I am truly blessed.

Stay tuned for our official launch of the Deep Dive program in 2024! Please register for our next Core Program (which is required before you can go through Deep Dive) to so you can experience our new programs when they launch.

~Michelle Cummings, CEO of Personify Leadership

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