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The Eyes of a Leader

Would you like to be a leader who has a vision for the future?

The tools, models, and skills taught in this two-day program will change the way that you work with others and lead within your organization. So, how do you bring it all together to ensure that it lasts?

This module is exactly as it seems – creating a vision for the future so that you can make the most of what you have just learned, and put it into action! You will spend time creating a vision statement, identifying what potential “energy drains” may occur (hey, no organization is perfect!) and brainstorming how to eliminate these drains.

You will conclude with an action plan, identifying specific goals, tasks, and action items from the last two days that you can begin to apply when you return. This is especially important in ensuring that you have made the most of your time, and are equipped to go back to the workplace more empowered and prepared than ever before.

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