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Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Help your leaders understand what it feels like to work within their organization.


Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

Just as individuals have unique styles, groups also tend to develop their own styles or cultures.  This culture is an informal combinations of behaviors, values, and attitudes that ost people in the group take for granted.

Put in the simplest terms, group culture is ‘the way we do things.’

Although not everybody agrees with or flows with the culture, most group members feel the pressure that a culture exerts to act in a certain way.  DiSC does not address all elements of culture, but it helps you understand many important priorities, needs, goals, fears, emotions, and behaviors within you organization.

If you are a certified trainer of the Personify Leadership Core Program, the actual DiSC reports are included in your Participant Kit purchase. Group Culture Reports are an additional cost of $125 each.

Once you purchase your report, please send us a list of the names and email addresses of the people you wish to include in the Group Culture Report.  Please note:  only 3 edits can be made to the report before a new report has to be ordered.  These are Wiley’s guidelines that we have to follow.

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