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  • Facilitation from the Heart

    If you are a trainer or facilitator, chances are you play a role in facilitating leadership development either in your internal organization or with your customers.  In this video, Michelle Cummings, co-founder of Personify Leadership will discuss how intention plays a key part in facilitating a successful program.

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  • Emotional Resiliency and Stress

    Are you experiencing any stress this month?  How does stress relate to your ability to be an Emotionally Resilient leader? (more…)

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  • The Mind of a Leader: Emotional Resiliency

    In this video, Angela Sebaly, Co-founder of Personify Leadership, shares insights on Emotional Resiliency and research that has helped her as both a working mom and leader to deal with the challenges of an ever changing and busy world.

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  • Fearlessness vs. Foolishness

    When it’s time to honor the pain

    I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a business women. I’m a runner. After 40 trips around the sun, this is what I know about myself for sure. These are the parts of me that give me joy and pleasure. (more…)

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  • The Ears of a Leader

    In this video, Personify Leadership Co-founder Angela Sebaly shares insights on how to be a leader who truly listens to others.  If you struggle with listening attentively, as most people do, take a minute to listen to a new perspective on this common challenge.

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  • Using 5 Methods of Learning to Develop Leadership

  • Facts & Emotions

    In this video, Personify Leadership Co-founder Angela Sebaly shares insights into the importance of having courage to acknowledge facts and surface emotions. 

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  • Creating an Effective Leadership Development Program


    You realize you need a program to develop leaders and leadership skills in your organization, now what?

    In this webinar, Angela Sebaly, Co-founder of Personify Leadership, shares how to:

    • Identify a process for determining leadership development competencies necessary for organizational growth
    • Determine whether. you should create something in-house, or bring in external programs
    • Identify reinforcement methods to transfer learning

    View this 37-minute webinar recording anytime to learn more about creating a leadership development program.


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  • Delegating Effectively in a Matrix Organization

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    Delegation is challenging for a variety of reasons, most commonly because we lack trust in others to represent us. Yet without skillful followers, leaders do not grow and organizations do not grow.

    Delegation is even more difficult when we don’t have direct authority over someone’s pay and performance. Yet organizations are becoming increasingly more matrixed. We get work done through peers on one project, the next day our boss, and then we’re reassigned a direct report.

    Effective delegation requires tools to navigate this shifting paradigm.

    During this webinar, Angela Sebaly, co-founder of Personify Leadership, will share how to:

    * Break out of the delegation doom loop
    * Leverage 3 modes of delegation
    * Provide delegates voice and choice

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