When it Rains it Pours

I live in South Florida where with the exception of the brutal heat in the summer the rest of the year is nothing but beautiful weather. Waves from the sea and palm trees are our skyline. Lucky for us, the humidity is fading and the tropical rain has ended.

Recently my husband noticed some of our landscaping was suffering and suspected it was due to the sprinkler system. It took a few weeks to arrange a time for a sprinkler company to come out and repair our damaged sprinklers. Today, the crew arrived early and began their work well into the morning. However, they ran into some challenges. One sprinkler head had fused with the roots of a tree so the tree had to be removed.

While they were uprooting a tree, I decided it was time to load up the kids and do some last minute holiday errands. It’s that time of year where the list seems endless. Just as we stepped out the front door, rain started to pour, hard and steady. The workers had to stop. At first we were all frustrated but then we all realized the irony of the situation we shared in a good laugh. Without any hesitation or respect for our morning clothing preparation, my kids ran into the street to play, splashing in puddles and soaking up the rain. So I joined them.


Sometimes things falter, dry up and wane and at other times they pour down in abundance. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for the abundance that always flows sooner rather than later. We wish you and your families abundance this Thanksgiving.


Angela Sebaly & Michelle Cummings

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